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Where to purchase KN95 medical masks in bulk in the United States?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Since onset of the coronavirus (commonly known as COVID-19), the United States have been experiencing an extreme shortage of medical masks and PPEs (personal protective equipments) like N95s, KN95s, face shields, gloves, and protective suits.

The shortage is caused by an increasing need for PPEs by medical associations, hospitals, and consumers in the United States.

The problem is, the United States does not have the human capital and physical capital needed to provide a sufficient amount of medical masks and PPEs for local use. The solution is to source high quality medical masks and PPE straight from well equipped FDA approved laboratories in China.

At Syndicate One Group, we source one of the highest quality KN95 medical masks straight from an FDA approved laboratory from Shandong, China. As a testament to our quality, we are currently the sole provider of KN95s to the government of the state of Texas, United States. Contact us for more information.

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